A Community Chorus in Los Altos, California


Come sing with us!

Peninsula Harmony Chorus is a community a cappella chorus (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) centered in Los Altos, California.

If you love to sing, come spend an evening and sing with us! All are welcome.  Really!  No auditions, no prerequisites, no stress! (No kidding!). See DIRECTIONS for when and where we rehearse.


June 12, 2021: Palo Alto World Music Month

COVID UPDATE (as of January 2022) -- We're Carefully Coming Back

Like most choruses around the world, PHC shut down during the COVID crisis, for almost a year. All of us really missed singing together, so during the shutdown, we did what we could. Our on-line practice system allowed individual members to continue to practice at home. For group work, we tried various methods of computer-assisted group singing, but found them unsatisfactory. Instead, using Zoom meetings, our Musical Director was able to continue improving our performance by having each individual member record themselves singing their part to a selected song, e-mailing it in, and having the Director make suggestions for improvement. He also held some on-line musicology classes, including breathing, interval training, pitch identification and karaoke. Members also reached out to international music groups and participated in group singing, where each person recorded their own audio/video, and then a central person put the tracks together and published a group sing. This has turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow singers from around the world.

But, nothing replaces the actual experience of singing together in person. PHC takes the health of our members and our community seriously, and has fully and carefully complied with government COVID health guidance, especially from our local Santa Clara County Public Health department. PHC applied for and received from the County a COVID protocol which allows us to sing together given that we follow certain requirements. We enjoy two medical doctors among our members, and they caution us that the COVID pandemic is not yet over.

During summer of 2021, we rehearsed outside until the end-of-year weather made that difficult. In the fall of 2021, PHC moved rehearsals indoors, every Monday from 7:15 – 9:30 pm, in the choir room of Union Presbyterian Church in Los Altos.

For 2022, PHC delayed the start of rehearsals due to government COVID health guidance. Our current rehearsal start schedule is:
Monday, January 31, 2020 7:15 PM: First online (Zoom) meeting.
Monday, February 7, 2020 7:15 PM: First in-person rehearsal, indoors in the Union Presbyterian Church choir room. Our plan is to meet every Monday thereafter at the same time. To attend our in-person rehearsals we require the following:
    All attendees must be fully COVID vaccinated
    We meet indoors, allowing members to social distance to their comfort level
    Masks are required indoors. We have provided some special “Singing Masks”
        to our members, and these have worked quite well.
    We ask any member who exhibits symptoms of illness not to attend.
    We monitor attendees after rehearsals to determine if anyone has developed symptoms.
    We keep attendance records, should contact tracing be required.
    We provide hand sanitizer and spare masks

Our rules will evolve as health guidance evolves. We hope in the near future that all COVID restrictions will be lifted, and we can return to our normal operation as described in the rest of this web page.

For more information e-mail:
Or call Jack at (408) 839-1051.